Life Lesson 40: Go with the Flow + Enjoy Life

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Here is it…my birthday already.  I committed to 47 lessons, one for each year of my life, and that commitment remains…it will just take a bit longer than I planned but that’s okay.

The lesson I’m sharing today is that sometimes we just have to go with the flow.  Life isn’t neat and clean and sometimes gets in the way…sometimes in a good way and sometimes, not so good.  I want to talk about the good things that get in the way.

I am committed to enjoying life and sometimes that means that things come up last minute that really make a difference in the quality of my life and my relationships and so I definitely don’t want to miss a thing – the reason this series is taking a little longer – and I’m okay with that!  The time I spend with those I care about is really important to me.  It’s also important to do things I really enjoy, both planned in advance and spontaneous as well.  This past weekend included staying at a friend’s place, a street dance, and two boat trips on the river – one with friends and one through a company that provides them to the public.  It was so much fun to let loose and play…to meet new people…to spend time with friends…to spend time in nature.  I was exhausted (still kind of am) but it was so worth it.  Soon winter will be here and I’ll have these memories to tide me over until the weather is warm again and we can create more memories like this.

Winter has never been a great season for me…I don’t enjoy being bundled up and I don’t enjoy being really cold but that’s going to change this year.  I’m going to do my best to enjoy the weather and find activities I enjoy so I’m not wishing an entire season away before it even begins.  I realize I can create all kinds of memories…the key is being committed to enjoying life and that’s where I am at.  If you are a winter person and have activities you love, please share them here.  I’d love to hear what you enjoy…who knows, it might be the perfect activity for me as well.

So allow life to happen and actively be a participant in it.  Go with the flow and have some fun!  You only live once, right?!

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