Life Lesson 34: You Miss Life When You Look at the Your Feet

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When I look out on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, I often see pictures of feet.  It has become quite common for people to take pictures of their feet which is very interesting to me.  While cute and interesting, I can’t help but think about a lesson I learned many years ago…

I took a workshop with Nischala Joy Devi during my year long intensive yoga teacher training program I was taking at the time.  Nischala is a wonderful woman with a kind and gentle spirit.  I learned many things from her that weekend but the one that stood out the most was about living life with an open heart.

She had us all stand up and look at our feet as we wandered around the room.  We didn’t look at each other or really even acknowledge there were others in the room.  We just went about our business, while staring at our feet.  This is how most of us live our lives…head down, nose to the grind…just doing what we need to do.

Then she had us all look up as we wandered around the room…look around…eventually moving into making eye contact with one another silently…just acknowledging each other’s presence.  This is what it feels like to live life with an open heart.

We miss so much when we stare at our feet.  Look up so life doesn’t pass you by. Look up and love what you see.  Connect with others through your open heart.  Connect and love each other.

Amazing clouds

Amazing clouds I might have missed, had I been looking at my feet.

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