Life Lesson 32: I Am A Powerful Manifestor

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When I am in a space of love and gratitude, I am always amazed at what comes my way.  I know I’m on the right path because the Universe shows me every day.

Whenever I even have a small passing thought about whether I’m doing the right thing for my business, new business shows up.

When I decided recently I really needed to plan a bigger vacation…not just wanted but truly needed it…three opportunities showed up in just a couple of days.  When I booked the plane ticket for the first one I chose, the following day twice as much money showed up on my door step AND it was completely unexpected.

All I need to do is get clear, focus on my heart, be grateful for what I have already in my life and wait for it to show up.  It’s like this for all of us.  You have the same opportunities available to you…we all do.  What will you manifest today?


My grandson – it’s easy to stay in a place of love when I look at this smiling face.

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