Taking Back My Life Day 2

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yes to meYesterday I blogged about needing to reclaim that balance in my life that is so important to my well-being.  It’s been out of balance for a while now and I’m really feeling it in a big way.  Today I woke up and decided to take my computer in to be repaired.  I’d been dealing with some issues for a few weeks now and, while I might have been able to simply restore it all and start fresh, I just didn’t want to.  Just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should.  It drains me.  It take a lot of time and energy from other things so off the computer went to someone who enjoys doing that kind of work.

I grabbed lunch on my way home and sat and watched a program on TV while I ate.  It was a nice leisurely break and I don’t take one every day when I work so it was a wonderful treat.  It’s another one of those habit pieces…I was taking a break every day when I work but stopped for a variety of reason…this is another must return habit.

I’ve got a bike ride, grilling, an eye appointment, and a little clearing of my garage on the agenda for the remainder of the day.  I’m loving this so far!  It feels so good.

I received an email from No Sidebar on The Secret to a Simplified Schedule.  Yes, the key is saying no, he says – as many others do.  He also talks about saying yes to what aligns with your values and this is almost more important than saying no I feel.  When we live from our values, life just adds up in a different way.  For example, my pull to get back into balance…making the decision to take my computer in to be repaired…led to a day off from day care duty with the grandkids.  Don’t get me wrong…I love my time with them very much.  I’ve been spending more time with them than usual because of crazy life stuff that happens AND I need grandma time…I need me time too!  It makes me a better person.  I will have them for a short time tomorrow which is great and the rest of the day is mine.  My computer won’t be done until later tomorrow (fingers crossed) so we’ll see what trouble we can get into with the extra time.  Stay tuned!

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