Kindness Exists

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Sometimes it feels like we are surrounded by violence.  When we hear about bombings and shootings and stabbings…it can be challenging to step away from this side of the world and remember that the world IS full of kindness.  It’s sad that the media doesn’t report more of this side.

Let’s remind those around us how much kindness fills the world by being mindful of how kind we are as we go throughout our day.

It has been proven time and time again in many different ways;  What comes around goes around, the golden rule, karma, pay it forward, you get what you put in, etc. It all means the same thing. The bottom line is if you put in positive energy you are more likely to receive positivity in return.

I challenge you to do an act of kindness each day for 30 days. It can be a good deed for another, the planet, for yourself {after all, it does begin at home}. Be creative with this the possibilities are endless. You may be surprised how good this makes you feel and you may never want to stop.

May all the people of the world be happy, free and full of joy.  May my thoughts, words and actions contribute to their happiness, freedom and joyful spirit. – Michele Bergh