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98 Toyota CamryWe recently got a new-to-us car. Now before you get all excited you should know it’s a 98 Toyota Camry. It’s old and kind of tired but it was a decent deal and we had a few reasons for getting her.  She used to be my daughter’s before she drove it with no oil and blew the engine…it’s been replaced now.  A family friend purchased her and did the repairs and has been driving it around but, for a variety of reasons, decided it was time to let her go and that’s where we came in.

It’s not my desire to drive a 98 Toyota Camry, not that there is anything wrong with it…it’s just I have a car I love.  The car I love is a red beauty…2 doors, black interior, really nice stereo I put in last summer and she’s a convertible.  She brings me an incredible amount of joy to drive.  I’ve had her for 5 years (longer than any other car I’ve owned) and don’t see us parting any time soon.  She’s not in mint condition but there’s something about her that just makes my heart sing.

And my hubby has a truck he loves.  His truck is also not new but in really good condition and he takes care of it like it’s his baby.  He loves music and has an iPod hookup that I gave him for Christmas a couple of years ago with his 250+ CDs on it and he plays that all the time.

But the Toyota brings joy to us in other ways…price was right, she runs well, she has 4 doors so I can drive her when I have the grandkids and want to take them some place (I can’t do that now) and when the hubby drives her to work, he saves wear and tear on his truck, which makes him happy.

He and I had a conversation the other day because he was wanting to take the Toyota everywhere…and I was not.  That made me sad.  It brought me back to a time when that’s all the car we could afford and both of our vehicles looked like that.  I tried to explain to him that I didn’t want that to become the only car we drove.  He thought I was ashamed but I really am not.

I explained to him how important it is to experience joy, even in the little things like running to the store quick.  Joy comes in lots of shapes and sizes and conditions.  I love my car and she brings me joy…I want to drive her, be with her.  He loves his truck.  The Toyota brings me joy with the grandkids in mind and brings him joy in driving to work so he can keep his truck in great shape.  When the reason behind the decision brings us joy, it can come in the form of a 98 Toyota.  It doesn’t have to be pretty.

And life is all about being clear on what brings us joy and bringing more of that into our lives, no matter what it looks like.  Sometimes we miss out on something wonderful because it isn’t packaged the way we expect it to be.  We have to look past the exterior and be aware of what it is we want to feel and what experiences provide that feeling.

I’m sure there are other things I’ve missed in life that I would have enjoyed a lot because they didn’t come in a pretty little package.  Today, I see things with a different set of eyes and even an old Toyota who’s seen better days can bring me a ton of pleasure because of the freedom and opportunities she provides.  Today, I am grateful to have that old Toyota in my life.

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