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Integrity has popped up for me several times in the last few months and I’ve had a hard time wrapping myself around it. What exactly does it mean? What is living in integrity? The exact meaning has illuded me. Why is it that some people think something they are doing is living with integrity and someone else wouldn’t agree?

This past weekend, I finally understood. I was listening to a podcast from Hay House Radio with Cheryl Richardson who is a well-known Life Coach. I thought she explained it very well. Living with integrity means doing things that are in alignment with your beliefs and values. Since we all have different beliefs and values, what is integrity for one person may not be for another AND there is no judgement around this.

She gave this example of years ago when she would get too much change back from a cashier, she would be grateful for the abundance of the Universe and believed that was the reason for the extra change. Now, if she got extra change, she would return it because she doesn’t feel like it’s hers to keep. Neither is wrong because they were both done in alignment with her beliefs and values. She’s just in a different place now.

Integrity is the reason I chose to leave my job last summer. It was killing me inside to be there. The values and beliefs of my employer were not in alignment with mine and every day I felt as if I was losing more and more of myself. Leaving was the best thing I could do for myself and I have never regretted my decision. That doesn’t mean that things aren’t a challenge sometimes because of adjustments I’ve needed to make but I am in alignment in that area of my life and I know that feels right. I never question it.

Integrity is something very personal and, I think, very important. Any time you are feeling out of alignment, you are probably not living with integrity in some area of your life. Take a look around. Is there something that doesn’t feel right that you are doing? Something that is causing you stress? Take a look at your values and beliefs…is there a way you could do things differently that would feel better?

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