Images from the Past

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My 1st BirthdayThis afternoon I received an email from my mom, who is seriously the best mom ever, with a couple of photos of me from my first birthday.  The picture on the right also includes my grandmother, who I adored and spent a lot of time with as a child.

Of course I don’t remember this moment but the picture captures a sweetness and contentment I believe I felt to be surrounded by people who loved me, celebrating a milestone in my life.

I am not sure where we were in these pictures but they mean a lot to me for a couple of reasons.  I have many fond memories of my grandma…the way she played solitaire on the kitchen table next to a window that overlooked the front yard and all that went on outside…the canning she did, complete with all the wonderful smells…the sewing she did that included matching outfits for me and one of my “life-size” dolls…the way she loved me.

They also mean a lot to me because I have very few pictures from my childhood and my mom doesn’t have them either.  My father has them.  He was a photographer in his younger adult years and always had a love of photography.  We grew up with photo album upon photo album full of images and boxes full as well.  He always said the photos belonged to him.

A few years ago, I did get a few photos delivered to me through my sister-in-law.  I guess they had a conversation and that conversation led to some feelings of guilt and still, all he could spare were a dozen or so photos.  I totally get it…those photos are much better stuck in a closet somewhere with no one enjoying them.  Oh wait…nope, I guess I still don’t get it.

Hanging on to these photos of times gone by…of the memories that belong to everyone…is just sad.  It’s unfair to those whose images were captured in those photos.  Just like keeping your light buried deep inside of you.  When you share all of who you are, you give others permission to do the same.  You inspire others.  You make others smile.  You connect.  Just because you are you.

Share each and every one of your snapshots with the world today.


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