Bamboo Rocks My World

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deerBamboo rocks!  Tonight, on one of my surfing expeditions, I came across this site, Bambooki.  I love the color of the wood and the fact that it grows so fast and is good for the environment.  It can be used in many ways…from the good luck plants to flooring to fabric to office supplies to health remedies.

I guess I’m more sensitive to the importance of taking care of our world after seeing several deer at the side of the road.  These beautiful creatures were grazing and just hanging out enjoying the beautiful fall day.  We’ve encroached on their space and, as a result, there isn’t enough space for them to be.

It isn’t just about the deer, it’s about making better choices, using items that are kind to the world around us.  Bamboo is resource that allows us to use the earth in a really positive way.  It grows quickly and is very durable.  It also has many uses, as  I mentioned above.  Using natural resources that reproduce quickly is great for the health of the environment.

Bamboo makes incredibly soft thread and is much more affordable than silk or cashmere.  The site I mentioned has a ton of really cool products.  They’ve got some really cute bags.   My favorite is the buddha bag.  I can only imagine how heavenly these sheets must feel.  Someday….And check out these bamboo r​ugs​.  I had no idea that you could make rugs out of bamboo – it just never occurred to me.   My favorite one is the chocolate brown.  It looks so rich.

If you want to learn more about bamboo, check out their blog.

There are lots of ways we can make a difference in the world to take care of our resources.  Bamboo is just one of them.  I don’t know about you but I’m hoping the world will be around for a while.  What will you do today to make a difference?

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