Help Yourself: Our Expert Interview With Marianne Power

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Help Me Book CoverThere’s a reason why self-help is a multibillion-dollar industry. It offers a magical commodity – the shot at a better life. Read this, attend that, and before you know it, look! You’re poised, confident and successful. It’s a beguiling promise. But does it work? The British journalist Marianne Power decided to find out.

Picking 12 self-help approaches, she followed them faithfully, one after the other, over the course of a year.

She recorded this journey in a blog and then a best-selling book, called “Help Me! One Woman’s Quest to Find Out If Self-Help Really Can Change Your Life.”

In this clip, from our Expert Interview podcast, Marianne Power explains how and why she began this self-help adventure.

Listen to the full interview by clicking on the button below or buy the book today.