Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

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goodbyeSaying goodbye is never easy.  It doesn’t really matter what it is and I found that out the hard way.

Today (the day I’m writing this), I stopped by my bank – one of my banks actually – to close my business checking account.  It was the last account I had at that bank…the bank I’ve banked at for most of my adult life.  My hometown bank.

That bank has seen me through some tough times, just like a good friend might.  It never mattered to them how much money we had or didn’t have, whatever we needed they provided.  When I moved away from that town three years ago, the bank (and the meat market) were the only two things I really missed.  I knew I could see the people that were important to me elsewhere.  But the bank and the meat market…I had to drive bank to that town to experience either.

The last three years have been a bit of a challenge, in terms of banking…well, in many ways for those who come here often know.  The banking…well, I opened a personal account near my new home but just couldn’t let go of that business account and I left it alone.  The personal account was okay but not perfect.  And, if I needed anything for the business account…it was a pain.

A few months ago, I found a new bank even closer to me with everything I needed.  I opened a new personal account AND a business account but still I left that business account from my hometown alone.  I just couldn’t bring myself to close it.  It felt like this safety net I wasn’t ready to let go of.  I had the conversation many times in my head about how it really wasn’t a safety net anymore…I wasn’t connected to that community, I didn’t have much money in that account, and I didn’t do business there regularly and still I couldn’t let it go.

After closing the account today and severing all ties with that bank, and community, I walked out those doors and started to cry.  It hit me hard..the bank AND the community.  My relationships there were done.  They were complete.  I was letting go 100% and moving on.  After 3 years.  I cried half the way home…maybe shouldn’t have been driving but I did and I made it home fine.  I didn’t think closing the door would be hard but it was.  I have a lot of history there, both at that bank and in that community.

So today I say thank you to both for all they provided for me over the years and I look forward to fully embracing the community I live in now that I love very much…to fully embracing my renewed relationship with a man I love very much…to fully embracing my new financial relationships that are serving me very well…to fully embracing the future now that I’ve fully let go of the past.



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