Glitter in the Sky

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Over Labor Day weekend I was up at the cabin and Saturday night, once the sun had completely gone down, I went outside and was greeted by the most incredible sight. The sky looked like someone had thrown glitter up and filled the night. There were more stars than I think I’ve ever seen and each one seemed to be twinkling. It was such an incredible vision that I had to summon others to see and experience it as well. After a while I went to bed, tired from the days activities, while others stayed up at the campfire visiting.

The next morning those who stayed up shared the story of their shooting star. A star so bright and big followed by an orange glowing stream behind it. Although they had seen shooting stars before, never had they seen one like this.

These are the types of moments in our life that bring joy and wonder. I am sorry I missed the shooting star but so grateful to have seen the glitter. The glitter was enough for me that night. It was a reminder to be on the lookout for all the wonderful and simple things that bring us joy. After that night, I began to take a closer interest in everything around me…

The fresh tomatoes on the tomato plant on my deck – a gift from my sister-in-law.
The beautiful fall day – sun…slight breeze…sweatshirt but not quite jacket weather.
The purring of my cat as she curls up on my lap.
The feeling of connectedness when I wake up to a cat at my head, one at my feet and a little dog at my side.
The opportunity to see a movie with my daughter.
A book that inspires me from my core…read “just because” rather than to “learn something new”.

What fills your day and your soul??

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