The Gift of Frustration

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frustrationThe Daily Love recently published a post about the Gift of Frustration.  This post really resonated with me because I’m really into language and paying attention to what I say and how I say it.  He talks about how we only really have control over how we view something…what meaning we attach to it, which is the same philosophy I believe in.

How often do you get frustrated by something?  Have you ever seen it as a gift?  I really hadn’t looked at it that way.  It doesn’t sometimes motivate me to move forward or figure something out and I’ve still viewed it as a negative emotion.

So what if we changed that?  What if, like the post says, we viewed frustration as a gift.  What if we noticed the motivational power of this simple emotion and used it to our benefit?  I’m sure going to be looking at things differently.  How about you?

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