Fill the Feed: A March on Social Media

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A brighter futureWe organized an event in early November where the focus was on filling our feeds on Facebook with positive, uniting messages of hope for our future.

It was a fun event to put together and I’m interested to see where it goes.  “Marching” virtually as a united effort seems to be a fairly new concept but one I am hoping will catch on.  We have one year before another major election (although I think we don’t place enough value on the smaller ones and the power they hold) and a virtual march is a great way to let others know as a group how we feel about the direction the country (and the world) is headling.  It’s an opportunity to find common ground in a way that will hopefully unite us and provide a sense of hope for all.

I was also told this past week that my event inspired someone else to create their own and, I have to admit, I felt pretty good about that.  There can never be enough of us communing for peace.