Fermented Honey Garlic

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Fermented Honey Garlic


  • Wide-mouth jar or mason jar


  • Garlic
  • Unfiltered honey


  • Fill half of the jar with the peeled garlic and cover completely with organic unfiltered honey.
  • Leave them out on your counter for 2-3 weeks for the honey to ferment the garlic.
  • Burp/de-gas the jar(s) roughly every day and flip them upside down to make sure that all of the garlic was equally submerged. You coud also stirr it.
  • After it's done, leave them in a cool dark place to preserve them to use. It lasts for years.


This is extremely high in antioxidants, antifungal/bacterial, and probiotic, helps with high BP and detoxify heavy metals.
– Use for immunity boosting
– Fighting off sickness
– Sore throats
– Cooking marinating, even
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