Feeding My Soul is Part of My Budget

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Don't Need a VacationI used to feel travel was a luxury. It wasn’t something “normal” people got to do on a regular basis without going into debt or struggling in other areas of their finances. My soul told me something different. It said I needed to travel. It said it was an important part of feeding my soul. It told me to figure out how to make it happen.

I shared all of this a few years back with my coach and she agreed. She said, “Michele, travel is not a want. It is a need and must be a part of your budget.” Within six months of her telling me this, I’d taken 3 trip. It had been years since I’d been anywhere prior to that.

Since then, I have made this a regular part of my life. I have dreams of larger trips and bigger destinations but I’ve also learned there is no time like now to do what makes me come alive…what makes my soul dance with joy.  The hubby and I purchased a bare bones camper a year ago and then upgraded to an even nicer one with lots of extras this past spring. Even camping can be viewed as a trip…it doesn’t have to involve a plane or a far away destination. It simply needs to be going somewhere away from home where I can connect with my loved ones, myself, and the world around me.

I want to live a live that doesn’t require a vacation because it feels like I’m living that way all the time and it definitely feels like that. I love the regular adventures have become a part of my life this way and the experiences within each of these trips truly nurtures my spirit. I write this today from Grand Junction, CO where I’ve dreamed of coming since my good friends moved here a few years ago. The sun is shining. I slept in a really comfortable bed. I took a shower with the best water pressure ever! And I’m ready to see what adventure today holds for us!

Giving your soul what it needs will reward you in every single area of your life. Do you know what yours needs? Are you providing it? If you don’t know, take some time today to site quietly and ask. Trust the answer you receive and find a way to make it happen…not as a special occasion but as a way of living.