Doodle for Inspiration

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Doodling can allow our intuition to express itself to us in the form of symbolism. Interpreting these symbols can help relay messages that we have overlooked with our conscious mind. Doodling can be a wonderful exercise to unlock our inner creativity and let our unconscious minds be heard.

For the exercise of doodling do the following:

  • You will need a piece of paper a pencil or if you choose markers, crayons, etc. Focus on something that you are attempting to create or resolve.  Keep that focus while allowing yourself to go into a blank like stare. It can be helpful to obtain this focus while looking at a neutral background (a blank wall, or the sky).
  • As ideas start to form in your mind, no matter how mundane they may seem, doodle them onto a piece of paper. Remember it is doodling and you do not have to be an artist to do it. Many times it is the judgment we place on ourselves that holds back our natural talents.
  • While doing this activity refrain form interpreting your doodles or inhibiting what you are creating in your doodle.
  • Trust your intuition to know when you are done. Come softly out of your mild trance and look at your creation. What does it say to you? What does it say about your initial focus?
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