Earthing My Life with the Trees

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Oh, wise and great tree,
what secrets do you hold for me to see?

wise treeI feel your strength radiating out from every limb…..Every leaf…from every piece of bark covering your very soul.  Your soul connects to mine. I feel what you feel. I allow it to sink in.

Your presence in this space, so great, and yet you only take what you need to survive and grow. In doing so you provide a safe haven for all others who share this magical space with you to do the same.

This divine place feels like entering a completely different world. A world where everything is allowed to grow…to flourish…to expand until it needs to do so no longer. It, then, is absorbed back into the earth to nourish another…to allow them the same opportunities to grow…to expand…to flourish and so the cycle continues.

Your presence provides shelter for others…provides safety…security…the kind we crave deep down in our bellies. I feel safe and secure in your arms. Like you are there just for me. To hold me…to comfort me…to make me whole.
I relish in your magnificence. Your contribution to the world for so many generations….generations past….generations here today…for generations to come. I know you will live on for many many years to come…providing the energy needed to all those who cross your path. You have enough to go around and share so willingly.

What a gift you are in this world.
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