Comparisons Are Almost Always Harmful

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obama comparisonsLet’s compare a cat and a dog…

  • they both have fur
  • they both have four legs
  • they both have two eyes
  • they both have a tail
  • they both come in a variety of colors and sizes and breed
  • they nurse their young
  • many of them are domesticated
  • etc.

Viewing this comparison, with so many things in common, does this mean that a cat must actually be a dog or a dog must actually be a cat?  Ummmm…No. Plain and simple.  No. Most of you are probably looking at this and thinking how ridiculous to compare the two and make any kind of judgement at all and yet these types of judgements and comparisons happen all the time.

I read a post the other day on Facebook.  It was comparing Obama to Hitler.  Whether you like Obama or not, I hope you can see how offensive it is to compare the two…much like it is to compare a cat to a dog…the comparison lacks value and it’s also harmful and hurtful.  I’d like to see a lot less of that in the world, wouldn’t you?

Similar comparisons have been made between Obama and Lincoln (note that although the comparisons are flattering, Obama is also quick to downplay any comparisons) as well as Obama and Kennedy, two very respected leaders in our country who accomplished great things. And lets be honest, I can find as many differences between a cat and a dog as I can Obama and Hitler or Kennedy to Lincoln.

I want to be clear.  This post is not about Obama.  Nor is it about whether you love or hate the guy.  It’s simply an opportunity to consider what you put out into the world.  Think twice before making comparisons. Ask yourself…

  • Is this helpful?
  • Is it kind?
  • Is it necessary?

What are your thoughts on comparisons?

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