Change and Resistance

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Change in be hard. The first thing that needs to happen is an awareness that something isn’t working. Even once the awareness occurs, it can be hard. It’s what we know. There’s a fear that comes up about the unknown. Sometimes it feels safer to stick with what we know even though it’s uncomfortable. Because of this, resistance often creeps up. It shows its ugly head in a variety of ways. For me, I’ve developed a really bad headache, and although it was real and hurt like heck, I knew that was because I was resistant to something coming up. I’ve also felt like I’m too busy and I just don’t have time to do something. In reality we always make time for things that we’re open to. I’ve been in the middle of an uncomfortable conversation and all of a sudden realized I have to go to the bathroom and it just couldn’t wait. I’ve found myself thinking I know I want to make this change but my husband won’t understand or it will make my daughter angry or someone will be disappointed in me. I’ve thought it’s too expensive or it will take too long. I’ve sometimes thought I just can’t do it. It’s just way to hard. Fear is by far the biggest the reason people resist.

Everything that goes on in your life is there because it fills a need you have inside. Every poor relationships, addiction, anger, or what ever there is that is creating a problem fills a need. I think once you’ve realized something isn’t working, the next step is to realize that you’re resistant to change if that’s the case. I think another important step is not beating yourself up because of resistance you’ve felt in the past. Today is a new day and you can make the choice to move forward. You can tell yourself that you are ready to change. Ready to give up the resistance. Ready to move forward with your life. You can let go of the past and start new today.

I recommend beginning with an affirmation like “I am willing to change” or “I am ready to change”. Something that resonates for you. Notice what comes up for you now. Notice if you have any tightness in your throat. Your throat is the center were many changes began. If this occurs, try placing your hand on the front of your throat as you say the affirmations. You may also want to try an affirmation like “I am ready to consider changing”. That may feel safer for you. An affirmation is just a shift in energy and I believe that affirmations can really support us as we move forward. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in our energy to get us moving in the right direction.

Another important step for many of us is to have a good support group. That might be friends or family. Someone or a group of people that can help hold you accountable as well as provide support as you move forward. Who do you have in your life that is willing to support you in change? in making changes for your wellbeing? Another option is to find a group outside of your circle of friends and family. Sometimes it easier to begin with a group of people you don’t know really well as you begin this process because it can be scary. I also recommend Louise Hay and her book “You can Heal your Life”. This book has great tools. It can help you create a strong foundation for creating the life you want and the life you deserve.

I will be offering four workshops, approximately one per month, this summer guiding you through the book “You can Heal your Life”. My goal for these workshops is to provide you with some ongoing support as you move through the book at your own pace. Each workshop will cover a few chapters at a time, providing some direction and clarity as you go. During the month you will move through those chapters at a pace that’s comfortable for you. If questions come up, I encourage participants to e-mail each other and myself as a way of getting additional support. Early in the fall, we will come together one last time to check in with each other and celebrate the progress everyone has made. Each small step towards a brighter future is more important to me than the great big achievement in the end. If all we ever look at is the big one at the end, there isn’t much to keep us going along the way. The beauty is in the process and acknowledging ourselves every step of the way, no matter how small it seems, will keep us going. It will give us the hope and the energy to continue looking ahead. I look forward to supporting you on a journey of self-realization and growth. My wish for everyone is to enjoy life and to find happiness. Let’s work together on this common goal. For more information on the workshops, please see our calendar of events at

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