Catchable Moments

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birdThis past week, I spent time really looking at what Marcus Buckingham, in his Find Your Strong Life book, refers to as catchable moments.  They are those moments that make you feel so good inside they deserve to be caught and cradled close….when you feel like you are on top of the world. We have these moments, more often little moments, in our days that we don’t always pay attention to.

They can be as simple as my 17 year old coming up and asking me to **cheek**, which comes from the new reality show with Clint Eastwood’s family and is simply rubbing our cheeks together as a symbol of love or her asking for a **hand hug**, also from a reality show, The Kardashians, where Bruce teaches someone this simple gesture of bringing your hands together and then wrapping the thumb around the other person’s hand, like a hug.  We also enjoy an occasional conversation of role playing characters from some silly reality show we seen where the conversation was so ridiculous, we can’t help but repeat it and laugh about it.  Are the reality shows the catchable moments in my week?  No, but the moments with my daughter that might not be there otherwise sure are.

It can be realizing how special your husband is because he takes your daughter to the park so you can can have some “me” time while they have daddy-daughter bonding time – so sexy in a man.  This wasn’t my moment but a moment I was a part of because it happened to someone else and made me appreciate the great things that those in my life do for me.  My mother and our monthly brunches, my friends for their love and support, my daughter for her **cheeks** and **hand hugs**, my cats for loving me – no matter what and my feathered friends who understood how much I needed to be around nature when I moved and visit me every day.

Sometimes, it’s as random as a young girl looking my way in a restaurant and smiling and, when I smile back, she gets all excited and tells her parent’s she has a new friend.

In my work day,they show up when a new client arrives at my doorstep and she is exactly what I’m looking for and when someone is stuck on their website and ask for help, and I’m able to provide a solution, and when they share in a Facebook group that I am a WordPress Fairy, a Webmistress, a rock star, or any other awesome term of endearment. Or when I’m working with someone and they have a complete breakthrough about their life, not just their business because of a gentle nudge…these are the moments that make my heart flutter.

There was a time in my life when all of these moments would not have been on my radar.  That has changed.  I don’t want any of them to slip by.  I want to see them all…catch them all…and hold them close.  What are some of your catchable moments?

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