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Another unbelievably awesome week!  We are on a roll!!  Here’s my list:

The Great Blue Heron came back to visit twice in one day…

blue heron

blue heron

blue heron

blue heron and goose

One of the geese families decided to spend the afternoon swimming in the pond, enjoying the warm and sunny weather.  Here they are drying off afterwards…

I am raw and spent in a good way from Jess Morrow’s Invincible Summer writing class (new class beginning July 20th).  She is definitely challenging us and, while I feel exhausted from all the writing I’ve been doing, it feels good too.  Lots of stuff coming out.  It’s time to let go.  I highly recommend this course!!!

I’m in the latest issue of Sprout three times!!  I have an artistic piece called the Joy of Crumbs, I’m featured in her all-new Community Garden section and I’ve shared a comment on joy for another piece she put together.  Not seeing myself as much of a writer, this is a huge deal for me – to share of myself this way.

I’ve spent the week going through my Goddess Circle membership and, oh my!  There is so much goodness in there, I am in awe of her.  I loved the Business Goddess piece so much, I printed it out and had it bound at Office Max so I can easily refer to it.

Saturday was a DQ and topless day.  No, not me – my car, silly. AND, bonus, Sunday was too, just the topless part – no DQ again!

While we had a white Heron visit a couple of times on Thursday, they were too far away and in flight when I noticed them, to get a photo so here’s what I got instead after the rain:

bird in tree

Swallow on the roof

 And, finally, as I finish this post, it’s now 9:30pm on Thursday evening.  I’ve been watching the sky shift through the night with pure amazement for the beauty around me.  The first image was around 8 I believe.  The second one was from 9:30pm.  No adjustments have been made to these images…


A big thank you, again, to Liv Lane for reminding me of the importance of seeing the bliss in my every day.

P.S. Some of the links in the post are affiliate links for people I absolutely adore.  I wouldn’t promote anything I didn’t love.

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