33 Ways To Tie Shoelaces

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A couple of weeks ago, my 15-year-old daughter was sharing how she was checking out something on the internet that highlighted 33 ways to tie shoelaces.  I thought to myself, “Is this really possible??  Could there be that many ways to just tie shoelaces?”  I decided to check it out for myself.

What I found was quite interesting.  Not only are there at least 33 different ways to tie shoelaces, there are multiple articles and sites dedicated to the “how”.  The one that impressed me the most was an entire site dedicated to the fun of tying your shoes!  Ian, creator of the shoelace site,  has done a lot of work to bring some fun to the idea that there are a ton of different ways to accomplish a relatively simple task.

What intrigued me the most was how similar it is to solving issues in our lives.  There are always lots of ways to solve a problem or resolve an issue.  When we can’t see them, we aren’t really looking.  We are currently more comfortable in the state of complaining or being a victim than we are in looking for a solution.

When you are ready to move forward, all of a sudden you will see the possibilities available.  You may not like all of them but you will be able to see them and that’s what is important.  That’s how you will find your answers.  Ian even has a page where people can vote on the knot they like the best and you will probably find yourself rating your own solutions as you work on your list.  That’s exactly how it should work.  Make your list and then decide which one feels the best to you.  Try it and, if you don’t get the results you are looking for, move on to your next favorite option and so on.

Or perhaps you just need a little adjustment to your original idea.  Ian says there is a full proof way to have perfect bows and keep your shoes tied just by making a simple adjustment to your granny knot.  It’s entirely possible you’ll be able to do the same thing for a solution you’ve tried but didn’t quite work the way you wanted it to.  Don’t be afraid to try something that’s just a little different and see what happens.

Setting the shoelaces aside, it’s all about recognizing the possibilities in life…being open to seeing all your choices in life.  I’m hoping you can see yours today.

Wishing you much success!

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