3 Book Diet Update

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booksWe are about seven weeks in and I have completely derailed.  Yep, it’s true.  It’s a bit hard to share that with you because I don’t like to not honor commitments I’ve made to myself or others.  The decision to do this challenge was thought about for months and I still decided to do it.  As soon as I committed, I began to panic.  What was I thinking?  But I stayed strong…for a few weeks anyway…and then it hit me.

I’m signed up for a monthly book club online…crap, I forgot about that in the equation.  I didn’t forget I was in the club, just how it impacted what I had just committed to.

Then a group of friends decided to add a book to our monthly get-togethers…one book for the year.

Then someone came out with a book and I really wanted it and the thought of waiting a year to read it completely bummed me out.

Then someone gave me a book as a gift.  A really great book by Rachel Awes.

What’s a girl to do?

I started to really panic but only for a moment.  Luckily, I was able to pull myself together and realize that this wasn’t a failed attempt at a commitment.  It was a success.

You might wonder how that can be if I’m not going to do the challenge anymore but it truly is.  You see, the point of the challenge was to be inspired, to absorb and to integrate what we read.  Too often, we read something and then we are on to the next one without taking any time to integrate and truly benefit from what we’ve read.  I am really looking at reading a different way.  I’ve always absorbed and integrated some but I’m REALLY being mindful about taking my time and working on lifestyle shifts based on the positive aspects of what I’m learning rather than an “oh that was great…what’s next” approach.

Have you ever committed to something and decided to go in a different direction, initially feeling like a failure but then seeing the gift?  Share below how you turned it around.

P.S. In case you are wondering…

I’m still focused on the Ayurveda book and even took a cooking class to learn more about spices and food so I’m still on track for integrating what I’m reading!!

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