10 eBook and eCourse Tips to Help You Provide Value

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writingA guest post from Matt Brennan.  A big thank you for sharing himself with us.  Please be sure to check out his site using the links below.

So you want to write something a little more in depth than your average marketing content? In the age of digital marketing, that’s a really good idea. It gives your readers a chance to come to know and trust you.

By writing an eBook or eCourse, you provide that value to your communities. It will take a bit more of a commitment than your average blog, however. It may require a few late nights, and gobs of caffeine.

Here are 10 tips for your late nights clanking at the keyboard:

Choose your topic carefully – eBooks and eCourses require a longer commitment by the reader and the author. What is the main message that you are looking to convey? What interests you as a writer? If it doesn’t interest you, it will bore your audience.

Keep things organized – The longer the information, the more overwhelming it can be for your readers. Make sure you use chapters, subheads, lists, and other methods to break things up and let readers know exactly what to expect from your copy. This makes it easier for readers to commit.

Don’t focus on length – A lot of people ask how long their writing needs to be. There’s not necessarily a fixed answer to that question. (I know that’s not what you want to hear.) Instead of focusing on length, try focusing on the story. Once you’ve laid out your story in a thorough, clear, and concise manner, you’ll know when you’re done.

Provide value –Your writing should be a blend of information and entertainment, in a format that is unique to you. In an overcrowded environment bursting at the seams with online content, value and originality are the reasons why your readers will choose you.

It’s just a draft – Keep writing! What comes out the first time around can (and probably should) be revised and edited. The important thing is not to self-edit your work before you write. That can stifle creativity.

A dash of personality – Once your readers know who you are, they’re more likely to trust you. Try to liven things up with a conversational anecdote, or by sharing some other aspect your personality.

Avoid geek speak – Your mother’s already proud of your professional accomplishments, and that expansive vocabulary. There’s no need to test it out on your readers. Sending them to a dictionary usually means they’ll never come back.

Tinker with your title and chapters – They may seem like minor details, but they deserve some thought. Your title is going to be the first exposure that people have to your work. It has to catch their attention, and give them an idea of what your eBook or eCourse is about.

Choose a good cover – This may not have a lot to do with the actual writing, but like your title, it is going to be the first exposure that people have to your work. Make sure that it is an engaging image that will draw people in.

Get the word out – You’ve put too much work into your content for it to go unnoticed. Network in person with people, write a press release, blog about it, and utilize Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network that makes sense. Make sure people know who you are and what you do.

Matt Brennan is a freelance copywriter from Chicago who helps businesses and organizations succeed through his corporate writing services.  He can also be found on Facebook here.

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