Success Series: Having a Plan

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“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”
– Proverb

You may scoff at the idea of having a business plan, feeling as though it isn’t necessary or that business plans are only for those who are analytical thinkers or need to borrow money from a bank. The truth is, having a plan is necessary for your success. You may not want to do it because it feels too “business-y” for you or it may feel overwhelming…but wait! Here’s the fun piece…

It doesn’t have to feel like that. Creating a business plan can be done in any way that works for you. How about a vision or dream board style? Just be sure to include your vision, an overview of your business, your values, your products and services, how you will market, who you will partner with, and what your financial goals are. Lastly, include how you are going to make it all happen. AND, if you ever do need to take it to the bank, it will be easy to transfer into that format!