Quotography Link Up: How it Works + Badges for You!

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You may be completely new to link ups and maybe even to quotography so I thought it might be helpful to do an extra little post about both of these topics.

Link ups are a great way to connect with people out there who share the same or similar interests as you do.  While there are a few different ways link ups can be used, this way is pretty simple…it’s a regular feature on my blog where you can come back week after week and link up a blog post you’ve written on your blog that includes quotography in it.

Quotography includes all those wonderful sayings/quotes out there that show up on cool backgrounds.  Sometimes the backgrounds are a photograph…sometimes they are simple a color and sometimes they are more of an abstract design.  Generally the compliment the quote included.  This becomes something that people love to share when the quote resonates with them and they like how it looks.  I love quotography.  I think the background image along with a quote give it extra power…extra pizzazz.

I’ve been sharing quotography on my blog and via social media for a long time…years…so I thought this would be a fun link up event.

Here’s How it Works

And if you’d like to promote the link up on your blog or via social media, here are a few images you can use along with a direct link to the party.

Use this link with any image below:  https://michelebergh.com/tag/link-up/

Images below are 300×300, 250×250, 150×150 and 125×125