Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

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20430 Johnson Memorial Dr, Jordan, MN

I’ve been here a couple of times and it is such a fun experience.  From nostalgic items to hard to find to international goods, they seem to have it all.  I haven’t felt like I really got to explore fully even after spending over an hour here each time.  My favorite part were some of the art/displays in the ceiling area.  You can see a few of these in the images on this post.  It made our time there even better.  The first time I went, there were long lines, directing traffic inside, etc. but the second time it was busy but none of this was an issue which was great.  Both times I’ve been there, I’ve gone with family and that’s so fun but I’d also like to go there one day by myself so I can really look at all they have that I am interested in.  I know they are called a candy store but they have fun sauces, pickled items, crackers, puzzles, sodas, meats, etc.  There is so much variety and it seems the kids aren’t so interested in a lot of what I’d like to explore.

They are only open seasonally so be sure to check on whether they are open or not if you plan to go.

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