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joyI just wrote a blog post on how straight women like watching lesbian porn and another on living a self-actualized sex life (coming to a computer screen near you soon).  I’ve written a couple of other posts that are related to the topics of intimacy and sex but shied away from doing very much and felt very nervous about sharing my posts publicly…unsure of what others would think and how they would react.

My blog is my blog and while I know I can write about whatever I want, I also have clients coming here and perhaps not expecting to find posts around these topics.  Some might see it as a stretch given that my “day job” (I am self-employed) is all about WordPress, building a business and healing your personal life so your business can actually rock since your it is simply a reflection of your personal life.  But healing your personal life includes intimacy and sex so, to me, it fits perfectly.

Even though I consider my blog to be a lifestyle blog, meaning I blog about topics around living a specific kind of lifestyle, I’m not sure I’ve been really open as to what that means…with myself or with others.  What it means to live inspired by design is to make choices in all aspects of living that get me closer to fully engaging in my relationships with others…fully engaging in my business and with my clients…fully engaging in creating a home I love…fully engaging in what feeds my soul…fully engaging in life.  It’s about how I choose to show up in the world.  Every day.

It’s about being and feeling whole.  I have all these different aspects of myself and I’ve lived a life of compartmentalizing many of those pieces, depending on who I am around and what I am doing and, man, that’s exhausting.  It takes energy that could be spent on things I enjoy so much more than hiding.  I could go for a bike ride with my bestie (he loves that nickname, by the way) or look for beauty through the lens of my camera or cook a fabulous meal or watch my favorite show or read a really good book or chat with a friend or curl up with my cat or have some really good sex.  So many delicious options.

And good sex is part of life.  Everything in our lives is a metaphor for everything else in our lives…how we approach one thing is how we approach everything.  So we can’t be shut down around the topic of sex and expect to be open…truly open…about everything else in our lives…it just doesn’t work. Since I started sharing some of my creative musings here a few months ago (poems I wrote during a big time of transition for me), I have found I could write about these topics all day long.  Not just sex but everything indulgent in life.  I’m not talking about foolish indulgence or being glutenous.  I’m talking about engaging fully in the life in front of you.

Life is way too short to sit back and be content with a status quo life.  Get out there today and enjoy it.  Really tap into what brings you to climax (and not JUST in bed) and do more of that every day.  If you want to share something, share it.  If you want to do something, do it.  If you want to be something, be it.

And if you want to read about it, stop on my my blog cuz I’ll be writing about it more and more.

And do it all now.  Right now.  Don’t let another moment slip through your fingers.  I know that’s what I’ll be doing…living inspired by design (and talking about it to whoever will listen).

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