We are One – All Lives Matter

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I’ve engaged in a few conversations on Facebook around the #BlackLivesMatter campaign/organization and was told by a good friend that I am their target market.  She said they were looking for conscious individuals to support their cause.  I chose to sit with that thought for a while and then sleep on it before responding.  I wanted to make sure I was doing so from my heart and that I’d thought it through as much as I needed to.  I replied to her on Facebook and really felt that I wanted to share my thoughts with others by including my response on my blog.  Here is my response…

civil rightsI’m thankful for the conversations and people being able to share their views. My thoughts run so deep on this subject that it feels like it could be a conversation that runs for days. Here’s the main thing I’ve arrived at…

If I am their target market they have completely failed and here’s why…

We cannot stop violence with violence. Encouraging people to lay down on a multi-lane highway packed with vehicles driving 70+ miles an hour is violent. Those people became both weapons and targets all at the same time. A message that lives matter is lost when a stunt like this is conducted because the very nature of the stunt says they don’t.

Secondly, they are not focused on any facts…only emotions. I cried as well as I listened to some of the poems and songs – that is their purpose…to pull at people’s heartstrings…to get them riled up enough to take action. Decisions and actions taken from an emotional state rarely turn out well. It’s a matter of time before more get hurt. Being passionate for a cause is completely different than being emotional. When we come from a space of emotion…especially anger, fear, frustration, etc. – nothing good comes from that space.

And, yes, we always see what we want to see {in response to my comment about how a sign that said Votes for Women – fighting for a right others had but they didn’t – is different than Black Lives Matter}…I’ve been mindful of my language for many years…words run deep…they are more powerful than most realize. A statement of black lives matter is an exclusive statement…I don’t see how it can be seen any other way. By it’s very nature, it excludes everyone else. And it doesn’t address the point of their concern…police brutality. No one said black lives don’t matter and most of us don’t feel that way at all. We have a handful of rogue cops maybe if we believe what some are saying – I wasn’t there for any part of the situation so I don’t know what they real facts are – nor does anyone else unless they were there and even then, they will see what they want to see.

Most officers are good officers. They have hard jobs and we cannot possibly know what it’s like to be in a situation like they end up in with all that adrenaline running and doing what they can to assess…that being said…I think some do better at it than others. Yes, I think some officers overstep their bounds or don’t have the skills to handle the job and it should be addressed. I’d like to believe there is a better way than laying doing on a highway or taking over private property illegally…they were offered alternative and refused to follow the law themselves. They can easily make their point and get people’s attention and not put others at risk or break the law.

That’s where I sit. I cannot support a group or it’s cause who behave in such a reckless manner. And for the record, racism disgusts me as does violence of any kind. I am not on anyone’s side here other than the side of peace and seeing us all as one – because that’s all we are.

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