Life Lesson 6: It’s All In The Approach

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I used to have an assessment tool on my site that I would have anyone who was looking for me to create a website use.  The assessment would allow me to see where they were in their process as well as be able to put together a quality quote for them.  Most filled it out without question and appreciated the opportunity to get clear right away about their project.

And then there was the one.

She contacted me about a website project.  She had a small budget compared to what she wanted done and, when I pointed her in the direction of the assessment tool, she refused to fill it out.  She told me doing anything like that would kill her creativity and that it was my job to pull the information out of her.  I kindly offered to do that at my consultant rates.  She thought that was ridiculous that she would need to pay me to gather all the information I needed to do her project rather than having her supply it for me.

It isn’t just the ability to gather information that I gained from using that assessment tool; it was also that I could tell right away how someone would be to work with.  I am, in no way, saying her behavior was bad or wrong…only that her desired process was different than what works best for me. AND I knew, based on how she approached my initial guidance that we would not work well together.  Our styles didn’t fit.  I knew I’d be in for an entire project of her telling me my systems didn’t work for her and wanting me to do things differently.

Because how we approach anything is how we approach everything.

If I take shortcuts in one place, I’m probably taking them in other places in my life.

If I challenge authority in one place, I’m probably challenging it in another place.

My car…pretty much looks like my home, as far as how I care for it.

Because how we approach anything is how we approach everything.  Life is just one big metaphor.

Take a look at the small things in your life…for a day.  How do you approach the mundane tasks in your life?  With joy?  With frustration?  Can you begin there to bring more joy into your life?  Can you approach them with a renewed outlook?  How do you deal with conflict?  How do you interact with those around you?  Remember, the way you approach something will not only show up in one area.  If we can’t see the joy in brushing our teeth, for example….the minty taste of the toothpaste, the cleanliness of our teeth and breath…how can we see the joy in other areas – even when it’s right in front of our face?

water funApproach life with laughter…with joy…with a sense of freedom to be all you can be.

What will you do to ensure that you are approaching things in your life the way you want to approach all of your life experiences?

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