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A Message Channeled from Angel Ariel
by Stevan Thayer on Tuesday March 11, 2008

You can read Angel Ariel’s complete message on our website. Here is a summary of the major points in her message.

Your world is in a time of rapid change in which the veils that separate the human from the angelic realms continues to grow thinner. This thinning of the veils is bringing about increase in Angelic vibration which is creating a polarization of energies in your world. This polarization moves people into resonance either with fear or with love. Ultimately love will prevail. Why is this happing now. The answer is because you are ready. …… Fear is manifesting itself with great intensity in many forms including war, genocide, terrorism, insurgency, and civil conflicts. ……. Love is manifesting itself with equally great intensity, but not yet in equally great numbers in your world. But numbers are not yet important. Only the power of love being brought through is. …… As the force of fear moves through the four corners of your world, you will find that rapid change will occur, leading to instability and friction. It will at times appear that there is no firm place for you to stand. …. This energy of love is rock solid. It is eternal and unchangeable. It is always available. It is your foundation when things around you are in transition. It is the only safe place for you to be. ….. Invite us to lift the burden of fear from you. Invite us to help you remember who you truly are – love incarnate in the world.

For the complete message from Angel Ariel click here.

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