Fermented Hot Sauce

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Fermented Hot Sauce

If you eat an American-style diet, there’s a good chance you may be lacking the inclusion of something, anything, fermented. The diet we consume can be (doesn’t apply to everyone’s diet here) full of processed foods, GMOs, etc. and we may lack the gut health to digest what we consume.

There’s so much more to this so don’t come at me please if I’m lacking information or not explaining something fully but my key points here are that I’m interested in working to improve my gut health which is directly related to overall health and, while this will be a multi-step process, adding fermented foods into my regular diet is one of the steps I’ll be taking.

I used to make fermented veggies (my favorite was a beet and cabbage blend which I’ll be doing again soon) but my family bitched about the smell so I just stopped. I don’t care anymore if it smells…I’m doing this.

I’ve followed this recipe and made two small batches. One is all hot red peppers and the other is mostly hot red peppers and a few mini sweet peppers as well. We’ll see how it goes…send my jars some flavor love if you’re feeling bored.

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