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What is it with Diet Soda??!

For the past several months, on my quest to cleaner eating, I had stopped drinking my beloved diet soda at home. This was a huge accomplishment, given my 7+ can a day addiction. In order to not feel deprived, I allowed myself the occasional glass of fountain soda when we’d…

Jessica Drake

Let’s Talk About Sex with Jessica Drake

My hubby and I recently attended a workshop at Fantasy Gifts, a local adult store, with Jessica Drake.  Jessica is in the adult film industry with a lot of experience, both as an actress and a director.  She also has her own line of sex-enhancing products.  Because of her background,…

lake sparkles

You Don’t Have to Live in the Middle of Nowhere

I went kayaking again this week. Pure bliss. The hubby went this time too.  He didn’t have a kayak (I’ve rectified this now) but said he’d love to join me and go fishing while I paddled around the lake so off we went. It was a beautiful night and just…

om meditation

The Basics of Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic Meditation, also known as OM, is a spiritual practice being taught around the world.  When I first heard the term, I thought to myself…is this for real?  It seemed seemed like some hockey practice and I wasn’t sure I understood or would buy into it. True to my personality,…

Lakeside Beach

My Lunch Break

I had a lunch meeting that ended up getting rescheduled.  I’d been working hard all morning and decided it was time for lunch and wanted to do something fun.  When I bought my kayak a year ago, I tried putting it in my Pontiac G6 2 door hard top convertible…

bridge to growth

Growth Shows Up At The Strangest Times in the Strangest Ways

I have a severe chronic anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago when they sent me through all this testing for ADD, which I also have. If you’re in my close circle, you probably know this but I haven’t told a lot of people. Sometimes, I’m embarrassed…

happy woman blogger

50 Great Blogging Tips

This one isn’t coming from me other than I found it on the web and thought you might enjoy it as our last post of this challenge. I love how she’s got them divided into categories…layout and design tips, tools, promotion, and miscellaneous. View Michelle’s (a different Michelle) list over…

prosperity game

The Prosperity Game

I came across this prosperity game when doing some research on prosperity and thought you might enjoy it as much as I am.  The idea is to create an imaginary checking account but make it as real as possible…use an old book of checks or a register you have laying…

sexually satisfied

Are You Sexually Satisfied?

The other day I was reading an article online…I wish I could remember where so I could share but it was one of those surf around moments and I didn’t save it’s location. The article was about a woman who was feeling extremely sexually frustrated in her relationship. She was…

Don't Judge

Seeds You Plant

This image has been created by me and shared in the past on my business page on Facebook.  I’ve decided to also share here on my blog and would love if you shared with your peeps when you find one that is truly inspiring to you. Chances are, someone you…

acknowledge someone effective communication

Effective Conversations Series – Acknowledgments

In a conversation where someone is needing support to make a decision or sharing a challenging situation, acknowledging them can make a huge difference in their confidence level and help them move forward in a really positive way.  One way to do this is to acknowledge them for what they’ve…

clean eating

Journey to Clean Eating {Living} + Soul Space Update

Well it’s been a while since I’ve shared on the clean eating (which is really a focus on clean living).  The clean eating part is not going as well as I’d like it to.  I am still learning and also trying to define what that means for me.  Chemicals in…