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Compassion for All Sides of the Fence

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately in terms of liberals and conservatives. It stems from a conversation I engaged in on Facebook. I hate where it went and I understand now why.  While I would not consider myself a total liberal by any means, I am clearly not…

my choices are killing me

Your Job Isn’t Killing You

My last three years in my W2 job (which I left about 8 years ago), I knew I needed to leave.  I didn’t belong there anymore.  I felt like I was dying inside.  A slow and painful death.  It took me those three years after the awareness hit to actually…

pontiac convertible

Brothers and Sisters in Life

On my way home today, I had the top down and the music up.  When I put the top down in the grocery store parking lot, the young man in the bright yellow sports car commented on how cool it was how the hard top just slid inside the trunk. …

Johann Hari

The Power of Connection

In the Ted Talk shown below, Johann Hari, shares his take on addiction, which has plagued his family for years.  The header reads “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong.” Being married to an alcoholic, I was intrigued.  The first 20 years of our marriage were tough.  I…

questions to find life purpose

My True Calling

While I know that my true calling is simply to take care of my own shit and be happy, it’s been quite a process to get here.  I feel like that should have been easy to figure out but it wasn’t for me and I know many people who struggle…

Fuck That Meditation

F*ck That Meditation

Feeling a little snarky today and need a moment of peace?  You’ll find all the relaxation you need in this unique meditation I couldn’t wait to share with you.  Enjoy!

cheering from the past

Cheer for the Past

I was with a group of friends and co-workers the other night and we were talking about kids in sports while eating the most fabulous salsa ever (you know it was good when I say this since I make my own and have always thought it was the best…until now)!…


Living Through Photography + Nature

Sitting in the doctor’s office for the first time in about a year and a half, contemplating the drug list they provided at check in…Adderall…Zoloft…They told me to make sure I let the doctor know if anything had changed with the list. I don’t know why those were still listed,…

adobe lightroom

Using Adobe Lightroom…Finally!

I have had Adobe Lightroom for a long time…a few years now.  I pay a good chunk of money for the full Adobe Creative Cloud every month but I’ve never really used this program.  I use others frequently but the value of this one has eluded me. Lots of my…


What is it with Diet Soda??!

For the past several months, on my quest to cleaner eating, I had stopped drinking my beloved diet soda at home. This was a huge accomplishment, given my 7+ can a day addiction. In order to not feel deprived, I allowed myself the occasional glass of fountain soda when we’d…

Jessica Drake

Let’s Talk About Sex with Jessica Drake

My hubby and I recently attended a workshop at Fantasy Gifts, a local adult store, with Jessica Drake.  Jessica is in the adult film industry with a lot of experience, both as an actress and a director.  She also has her own line of sex-enhancing products.  Because of her background,…

lake sparkles

You Don’t Have to Live in the Middle of Nowhere

I went kayaking again this week. Pure bliss. The hubby went this time too.  He didn’t have a kayak (I’ve rectified this now) but said he’d love to join me and go fishing while I paddled around the lake so off we went. It was a beautiful night and just…