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lunch tray and mean girls

The Lunch Tray Mishap

It was the beginning of 7th grade.  I was at a new school with students from various elementary schools in the area.  Luckily, I had a best friend so I was completely comfortable moving into this new environment – something that can be very difficult for me. We didn’t have…


My Word for the Year: Resiliency

For the last few years, I have chosen a word for the upcoming year.  It’s usually a word that just comes to me and it’s used more as an intention than anything else.  This year, I decided to take a different approach.  I decided to pull an oracle card from…

2015 in 2015

Letting Go

In 2015, I joined a challenge (you can download the 2016 info here too) and committed to eliminating 2,015 items from my home.  It was a big goal and not one I was sure I could meet.  There were sheets we could print out and hang somewhere to both keep…

My Story

Honoring My Story

As I wrap up 2015, I’ve decided to participate in an ecourse called, Honoring Your Story. One large aspect of this course is journaling. I’ve decided to do that here, as a part of my blog. It seems like a great fit and it’s a good practice in sharing, even…

66 day challenge

Creating a New Habit

A few years ago, I switched from being a total die-hard night owl who would have sworn up and down that was my natural state of being to a morning person, up around 4 or 4:30 am every morning during the week…a little later on the weekends. It was an…

Don't Need a Vacation

Feeding My Soul is Part of My Budget

I used to feel travel was a luxury. It wasn’t something “normal” people got to do on a regular basis without going into debt or struggling in other areas of their finances. My soul told me something different. It said I needed to travel. It said it was an important…


Our Many Masks

When I was a young child, I would get excited about Halloween, choosing a costume and looking forward to dressing up to trick or treat.  I have no memory of this nor do I remember getting sick every year right before the festivities and miss out, according to my mom.…

adult yelling

I Was Not and Am Not a Liar or a Thief

When I was in 4th grade, I had a teacher, Mrs. Moyer.  She is one of the few teachers who’s name I remember…interestingly, I think I only remember the names of the ones who hurt or embarrassed me.  One day, while I was working on my schoolwork at my desk,…


The Bullshit Whisperer – Applications Now Being Accepted

I told my husband I had given myself a new job title. I was going to be the Bullshit Whisperer. My “responsibilities” are to see bullshit, call to it, and turn it into truth. Now I don’t really think this is my responsibility…my only responsibility is to take care of…


Nude Camping? Yes or No

After a weekend camping at a state park with no showers and a response to our questions that left us feeling like they didn’t care, the hubby and I decided to explore other options in the area.  This particular area is rich with activities to do and sights to see. …

responsible for your happiness

Finding Your Success, Happiness, Joy, Etc.

I was reading a blog post the other day about success and what it meant to the author of the post.  It is really important to be able to define what something means to you so you have a gauge to know when you achieve it and I loved that…


So Much Information

In today’s digital world, you have access to millions of bits of data from a variety of sources.  It feels unlimited at times.  The internet has been a huge game-changer in terms of what’s out there.  Unfortunately, not all the information is true.  Anyone can publish anything today.  They don’t…