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it is enough

Waking Up and Enjoying Life…Is It Enough?

I shared this on Facebook a while back and wanted to share it here…kind of as a way of reminding myself that it is enough…reminding myself I have much to be grateful for…and perhaps a message for you… Yes, I’m reading Brene Brown and doing her course on Udemy. I…

seeing the world

Be Open to the Possibilities of Kindness when Discussing Politics

Two political interactions via social media.  The first one was around this meme… I took issue with this meme.  It’s theme, in my opinion, is democrats are violent and do not practice tolerance.  Since we do not know that any of those involved in the protest are out there preaching…

etsy set up tips

Creating Etsy Success

As you may have noticed we’ve added products on our website here. These are available through our brand new Etsy store. We’ll be adding more products as we go so keep checking back for more great offerings. I always like to share what I learn so here’s a link to…

art of receiving

The Art of Receiving

If you are not familiar with Mama Gena, she’s a must-check-out resource!  She has this amazing perspective on all things womanly. In a recent post, she covers the topic of our ability to receive…or should I say lack of ability.  We as women particularly have been taught to “move to…

Stevie Nicks

Even the Biggest Moments Fade Away

Stevie Nicks is one of my favorite artists of all times. She’s practiced a daily ritual of writing every single day since she was 15 years old because, in her words, even the biggest moments fade if you don’t. I’m 49 now and I find myself wishing I’d documented more…

struggle but not quit

Standing in My Power

When I was in my early 20s, I worked for a major company in the Minneapolis, MN area. I had worked there for about 5 years and worked my way up the ladder during that time. I loved my job and thought I had a career in the making. The…

moon phases

Celebrating the Energy of the Moon

I was invited to have a conversation with Bridgette Doerr, of Inspire Her Fire and Fairy Grasshopper, around moon energy and how it impacts my life.  We didn’t really know each other prior to the call but found we had a fair amount in common and I had a blast…

Kyle Cease

You’re Only Manipulating Yourself

I have watched this video, although it’s a bit long, twice now. I doubt it’s the last time I’ll watch it. The content in here is powerful! A couple of my favorite takeaways are the reminder that we have information inside of us worthy of tapping into.  We do not…

don't let go of what matters most

Don’t Let Go of What Matters Most

In my quest for a simpler life, and as a result of my choices, a more joyful life; I’ve gotten rid of a lot of “things.”  I blogged about my process here over the last year or so on a handful of occasions.   It’s been an interesting process in…

taking a photo

10 Minutes a Day with your Camera

If you really want to learn how to take better pictures, the only way to do this it to spend more time with your camera…with any camera. There are two aspects to photography. Art and science. The art piece is about being able to “see” a great photo opportunity and…

big sigh

It’s a Big Sigh Kind of Day

Yes it is. I’m in the process of cleaning up some pieces of my business and that includes letting go of a few clients. Once I started the process a couple of others left as well…it happens when there’s a shift in energy and I embrace that change.  While I…

lunch tray and mean girls

The Lunch Tray Mishap

It was the beginning of 7th grade.  I was at a new school with students from various elementary schools in the area.  Luckily, I had a best friend so I was completely comfortable moving into this new environment – something that can be very difficult for me. We didn’t have…