Deborah Weber – April 2013

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Each month, beginning in April, we’ll be featuring a new member of Be Inspired U at random.  I’m putting this one up a little early.  This is a great opportunity to get to know more about your fellow members and show them a little extra love that month by doing little things to make them feel special.

Our first Member of the Month is Deborah Weber.  Congrats, Deborah, for being our first selected!  I had Deborah tell us a few fun facts about herself…

Deborah WeberQ: How would your best friend describe you?

Eccentric but loveable. Listens and really hears. Celebrator of the everyday sacred. Collector the whimsical and the sacred. Soul of a poet, chocolate lover, journal keeper. Lover of the postal stream and a frequent contributor. Moon watcher, pattern observer, symbol interpreter. Reclusive; happiest at home; loves mysteries and apothecary chests; has a heart full of treasures and likes to send unexpected presents. Always smells of flowers, writes messages on her feet, is directionally dyslexic, doesn’t drive, and can’t carry a tune but that doesn’t stop her from singing. Has a rule that if you visit her house you must leave a message on her fridge with the magnetic poetry set; wishes she had a bee costume and an elephant trunk; and believes in the magical power of red shoes.

Q: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

My favorite thing is that I really like myself. It’s taken years, and no small amount of effort, but I’m at a point where it feels like I’ve let go of everything that’s not really me and so I can claim what IS me and just spend my time fanning that core spark so it shines ever more brightly and broadcasts ever more widely.

Oh sure I could be skinnier (a LOT skinnier), I’m not a party person or a public speaker, I’m not leading-edge trendy or incredibly technically savvy, and I keep a too-long to-do list. I’m human and have my wobbly moments. But I like living my life knowing I’m responsible for creating what makes me happy and that has to start with me.

Q: When do you feel most joyous?

Well I can think of two things, and while they at first glance may seem quite different, I’m not sure they really are. I feel great joy when I have a conscious sense of connection with the Divine. I think we’re all Divine, so what I’m really saying is that when I remember that and allow myself to FEEL it, it’s really a high vibrational heart-opening experience that I recognize and call standing in the energy stream of joy. The feeling of being connected, of knowing that we’re one vibrating field of love and support and connection, THAT’S joy. And I feel very blessed because I get to dance in that energy a lot as part of my work. I’m always plugging into the Divine.

The second way, when I feel great joy, is when I’m creating things. Whether I’m creating art for myself, or creating a talisman for a client; whether I’m wearing my alchemical apron and blending some new aromatherapy creation, or wearing a newspaper print cap and creating a zine, when I’m in that creative zone I’m in the joy stream. And I’m pretty sure that’s being plugged into the Divine as well.

Q: If you have a business, what would you like to tell us about it?

Khalil Gibran wrote “Work is love made visible.” And that’s precisely how I feel about my business Temenos of the Blessing Light. I believe we are all here to create, express, and experience in alignment with who we truly are at soul-level. And I help people connect to their divinity so they can fully express their Soul’s unique energy signature and find the joy (and sacred) in everyday living. I do this through reading the Akashic Records and looking at people’s Divine Soul Blueprints, connecting with spirit guides, and channeling a council of higher dimensional beings that offer messages of love and unity consciousness. I also provide energetic support through my work as a flower essence practitioner and aromatherapist. I want everyone to know themselves and love themselves and shine, shine, shine.

Q: What’s the #1 thing you’d like others to know about you?

I’m ordinary, and extraordinary, and filled with light – just like everyone else.

I just love all the delicious things Deborah shared here and hope you’ll take some extra time this month to connect with her and let her know how truly special she is.  Here are a few places you can find her…

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