A New Perspective

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For the past several months I have been having dreams with the same theme over and over again. The circumstances are always a bit different but the theme is the same. I am incredibly stressed and uncomfortable and I need to get back home – back to where I came from. Sometimes I am on vacation, sometimes I’ve moved to a new location, sometimes I have an apartment, sometimes a house, sometimes others have come with me, sometimes I am alone, once I had my dogs and then I lost them and was afraid to leave for fear I would never find them again. Sometimes I am traveling by car, sometimes by plane. Sometimes its a really long trip that never seems to end, sometimes I can’t seem to get my trip started.

I have been pondering this dream and what it is I need “to get back to” and was afraid I would never figure it out and then I had another one. This one had me at a resort type place on a beautiful beach with palm trees all around. I saw the sunrise and the sunset. Still I wanted to get home and there was such an urgency to it.

Every morning when I wake up, I get a single message from the Universe to help me move forward or gain clarity in some area of my life. The morning after this last dream my message was this: “Why the need to go back? What is wrong with moving forward?”

This put an entirely different spin on my dream. I know that where I am going is uncertain and feels like I’m not on solid ground some times but I also know that the future holds more than I could ever dream of – and it’s just waiting for me to embrace it – to be open to receiving all of it.

If there is something in your life that you are having a hard time getting clarity on, try looking at it differently. It never ceases to amaze me what we can see when we look at something with fresh eyes – a new perspective.

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