60 Pages on the Art of Becoming

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sprout online magazine becoming issue

You’re feeling uninspired.
A bit down in the dumps.
Things are constantly in transition.
You’re not sure what it will take to move forward.

And then, before you know it, it’s the 15th of the month and the new Sprout Online Magazine is out!

Sprout is full of inspiration and talented folks sharing their goodies.  – Michele Bergh Click Here to Tweet

I don’t even put this on my calendar but when the 15th rolls around, I can’t wait to go purchase mine.  This issue is all about growth, resistance, gratitude, nurturing and harvesting.  Sometimes, growth is messy. Let’s be real…it’s often messy!  The guests in this issue of Sprout have really done a great job of taking the messiness out…if only for a while.

I’m spending time with the “yumminess” of not only Amanda Fall, creator editor, but also the likes of Marcie Scudder, Rachel Awes, Christa Gallopoulos, Naomi Wittlin, and many more.

I am always amazed at the incredible artwork, photography and words…all gracefully flowing across the pages, communicating a message of love and kindness.  As a past contributor, I know the hard work that goes into this creation and hope you’ll join me today in looking forward to the 15th of every month, if only because it’s the day a new issue of Sprout arrives.

Get your copy today and share below what inspires you.

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