Your Mind Doesn’t Know the Difference

In this crazy world everyone seems to complain about not having enough time to do the things they love. Few of us take the time to do things that feed our soul. Doing things that feed our soul is so important to our wellbeing. It connects us to who we really are. It connects us to our heart energy.

So what can you do when you are lacking time and can’t take that walk in the woods that you love so much? What can you do when you don’t have a week and the money to take a much needed vacation? Imagine it!

Your mind can’t tell the difference between when you had the experience or when you are thinking about it. Unfortunately, this works with both painful experiences and joyful ones. Take a minute to think about a time you were really unhappy…a time when you didn’t have much hope…

When you were in that moment, how did your relationships feel? How productive were you at work? How much energy did you have? How did you view money? How about time?


Take just a few minutes to close your eyes and connect with a moment in time that you felt absolute joy…absolute love…

Think about where you were…who you were with…what you were doing…

Think about what you could see around you…what you could hear…what you could feel inside…

How did it feel to be so connected to your spirit?

In that experience, how much energy did you have? How did you view money? Time? How were your relationships? Can you feel the difference?

Our state of mind is just that. Just a state of mind. No more, no less. It is our reality in the moment. We have the power to shift our thinking any time we want. It is simply a choice.

When you have a big project to work on or feel like you don’t have enough money or time or your relationships aren’t going well…take a minute to adjust your thinking. And then move forward from a place of love and joy.

This is what life is all about. We are here to let our light shine. Shining our light will allow everyone around you to do the same. Life is too short to do any different.

so, what will you choose?

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